Weston Ranch Textbook Policies  

Weston Ranch High School

Textbook Policies and Procedures


Students are responsible for the care and preservation of all instructional materials checked out to them. Please read the following rules and responsibilities carefully.

The textbooks checked out to you with your Weston Ranch High School ID card are the property of Manteca Unified School District and it is your privilege to use the books while you are a student at Weston Ranch High School They are not yours to keep after you have completed a class or have decided to drop from a class.
Only students with a current, valid Weston Ranch High School ID card will be issued books. Students will be issued textbooks only for those classes in which they are enrolled. Students are required to return all textbooks to the library/textbook room at the conclusion of the class, at the direction or request of the administration, teacher and/or the Library staff, or if the student leaves Weston Ranch High School.

         Textbooks are only checked out with a current, valid Weston Ranch High School ID card.

         Students will be required to fill out a textbook condition card in each class.  Any damages already in the book when the student acquires it must be listed on this card by the student at the beginning of the school year or term.  Any damage not listed on the card will be charged to that student at the end of the year.

         All textbooks are to be covered with a paper, non-adhesive book cover.  Do not tape covers directly onto the book.

         Students are responsible for protecting all textbooks from damage.

         Do not mark or highlight any books.

         If a text is lost or damaged, the student is required to pay all costs for the book that was checked out to their account. (See Ed. Code below)

         All texts checked out to students must be returned in good, usable condition, with the barcode still attached to the book, by the end of the term or school year.

         Students who owe for a fine, overdue, damaged or lost materials may be sent to their Dean for non-payment.  Privileges such as dances, computer use, and /or library checkouts may be suspended until payment is rendered.  No transcripts or grades will be released for students with outstanding bills until they are paid.

Textbook Fines and Fees 

Fines for repair or replacement of library or textbook materials are assessed when materials are abused during the time the student was responsible for the materials. Fines are assessed when a book is water or liquid damaged, the binding is damaged, a barcode or picture has been cut from the book, or damage due to ink, highlighter, or writing has occurred inside the book.

Education Codes
19910 Malicious Cutting, Tearing, Defacing, Breaking or Injuring Library Property 
19911 Willful Retention of Library Property 
48904 Willful Misconduct; Limit of Liability of Parent or Guardian 

48904.3 Missing Library Books
Withholding Grades, Diplomas or Transcripts of Students causing Property damage or Injury Transfer of Permanent Enrollment and Scholarship Record